We are EXPerts in Optimisation


We facilitate and automate 
the workflow from idea and planning
to realisation.

Boost Client &
Partner Interaction

Together we focus on the long term strategy of the relationship between you, your customers and partners. 

Standard &
Tailor-Made Solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions
to increase brand awareness,
boost engagement and facilitate meaningful connections.

Boost Your Business

Regardless the industry and the size of your company, we offer you a wide range of standard
and tailor-made solutions. Together we can take your business to the next level.

Our Customers

  • Margo Steer
    Expo Projects listens to the customer and continues to develop their standard solutions as a partnership.
    Margo Steer
  • We chose some of the standard solutions. But we really like the flexibility, the ease of use and the wide range of features the system offers. We highly recommend Expo Projects!
    Brecht Paps
  • Vaida Daskeviciene
    The Expo Projects Team facilitates work from planning to realisation. Our clients are very pleased with the user-friendly stand reservation feature and the great ordering system. They can also easily find all information and forms in one place.
  • Leroy Bronk
    Thanks to Expo Projects, our working process goes a lot faster and it is more efficient. We are not the only ones who are satisfied, the working process is also much easier and clearer for our clients.
    Leroy Bronk